Both Gator Track Teams Compete for Region Championship today

Both Gator Track Teams Compete for Region Championship today

On Tuesday, the 2017 GHSA Class 2AAAAA Region Track and Field Championship was held at Ware County High School. . All field events, the Boy's 1600M Run, and the Girl's 3200M Run were the only events that were finals. All other races were ran as Prelims with the Top 8 qualifying for the finals. The finals will take place on Thursday, with the first race, the 4 X 100 Relay, running at 11:30am. From there, the top 4 will qualified for the Sectionals, which will be held next Saturday, April 29th. The Sectional will be held at Eagle's Landing High School, in McDonough, GA. Several of our athletics qualified for the finals, while several other will be moving on to sectionals.



These following have qualified for the sectionals by either finishing in the Top 4, or they were crowned as Region Champs or Region Runner-ups.



Girls Discus Throw 

 1st Traveshia Birden    WARE     105-07 REGION CHAMP   


Girls Shot Put 

1st Waynisha Coleman   WARE     33-01.00  REGION CHAMP 

2nd Traveshia Birden      WARE     33-01.00 REGION RUNNER-UP


Girls High Jump 

3rd Hannah Boggan        WARE      4-08.00   


Girls Pole Vault 

1st Kayla Youngblood    WARE      7-06.00     

3rd Hannah Boggan        WARE      7-00.00   


Girls Long Jump 

2nd Tyteyannah Bailey    WARE     17-04.00 REGION RUNNER-UP      

4th Arviniec McDonald   WARE    16-03.50   


Girls Triple Jump 

2nd Bre Etheridge            WARE     34-02.25 REGION RUNNER-UP 

4th Latreona Holmes        WARE    31-09.00   


These following girls qualified for the final events on Thursday. 

100M DASH Arviniec McDonald & Mataea Boyd

200M DASH Arviniec McDonald & Tyteyannah Bailey

400M DASH Chyna Bacon & Benai Everett

800M Run Shanya Washington & Kayla Youngblood

All other races will run as finals on Thursday.

4X100 Relay, 4X400 Relay, 100M Hurdles, 300M Hurdles, and 1600M Run



Boys Discuss

4th  Tre Cobb  WARE  132-10   


Boys Shot Put

3rd  Tre Cobb       WARE  42-11.25      


Boys High Jump

2nd  Shaquan Bellamy  WARE   6-00.00 REGION RUNNER-UP  

3rd  Charles Jones         WARE  6-00.00   


Boys Pole Vault

1st Austin Sweat            WARE  10-00.00 REGION CHAMP  

4th Hudson Spurlock     WARE  8-00.00   


1600M Run

3rd Logan Millard      WARE  4:50.11


These following boys qualified for the final events on Thursday.

100M DASH  Alyx Sayles &  Dominick Chatman

200M DASH  Alyx Sayles

400M DASH Sharod Cobb & Shaquan Bellamy             

800M Run Matthew Hamilton & Austin Sweat

110 Hurdles Ernest Jones & Hudson Spurlock

300M Hurdle Sharod Cobb & Hudson Spurlock

Ware A Team 4X100 Relay (Dominick Chatman, Alyx Sayles, Hudson Spurlock, John Jones)

Ware B Team 4X100 Relay (Raja Bradley, Tyreq Purcell, Jordan Turner, Cory Cross)

The 4X400 Relay and 3200M Run will run as a finals on Thursday.


  Women - Team Rankings - 7 Events Scored


    1) Ware County High School     87        2) Statesboro High School        80  

    3) New Hampstead HS              44        4) South Effingham High Scho  41  

    5) Wayne County                         7                                          


                     Men - Team Rankings - 7 Events Scored


    1) Statesboro High School           59        2) Ware County High School    56  

    2) South Effingham High School  56      4) Wayne County                       47  

    5) New Hampstead HS                  44     

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 Senior Day Results:

The Ware County Track and Field Team hosted their last regular track meet of the season. Glynn Academy, Brantley County, Pierce County, and Bacon County invaded, "The Swamp," to complete in a five-team meet, and the Gators and Lady Gators placed 1st. "We just hope that the kids will perform as well next Tuesday, when Ware County will host the GA 2-AAAAA Region Track & Field Championship," said all the Ware County Track Coaches. The field events will start at 11:15AM, and the running prelims will start at 1:30PM. The teams that will be competing in region are as follows: Ware County High School, New Hampstead High School, Wayne County High School, Statesboro High School, and South Effingham County High School. We would like invite the public to come out and support the Ware County Gators.

Also, please come out and support the Gator Nation Elementary Schools. We will host the Battle in the Swamp Mini Gator Relays on Saturday. The elementary schools will compete against each other in several events. The kids will start competing around 9:00AM.The Elementary PE Coaches have worked really hard on training these young athletes. Please show your support for our future Gators and Lady Gators.

On a side note, the Gators and Lady Gators honored their seniors. We (the coaches) would like to wish them all the best on their future endeavors.   

Seniors L-R Shanya Washington, Chyna Bacon, Travesha Birden, Bre Etheridge, Sharod Cobb, Shaquan Bellamy, and Alyx Sayles


Scored Points for the Girls

Lady Gators – 134

Glynn Academy – 110

Pierce County – 54

Bacon County – 30

Brantley County – 22

These are our best finishers for the Lady Gators.

Discuss 2nd Travesha Birden (104'10) 4th Chasity Jones (75'7) 5th Waynesha Coleman (67'2) 10th  Dyonne McClain (57'4)

Shot Put 2nd Travesha Birden (34'9) 3rd Waynesha Coleman (33'6) 4th Chasity Jones (32'8) 5th Dyonne McClain (31'7)

Long Jump – 2nd Tyteyannah Bailey (17-2) 5th Arviniec McDonald (15-8)

Triple Jump 1st Bre Etheridge (34-2½) 3rd Latreona Holmes (31-9)

High Jump 3rd Hannah Boggan (4-8)

Pole Vault – 1st Hanna Boggan (7-0) 2nd Kayla Youngblood (7-0)

3200M 1st Aaliyah Sandiford (15.25.76) 4th Mia Sandiford (16.31.67) 5th Anne Lin (16.44.96)

1600M 2nd Ernareeyah Harris (6:09.66) 3rd Shanya Washington (6:11.89) 5th Valencia Baker (6:16.87) 6th Kattie Windham (7:13.03) 9th Heather Spivey (7:18.89)

100M DASH 2nd Arviniece McDonald (12.60) 4th Mataea Boyd (12.90) 9th Paris Brinson (14.1) 10th Geniya Rawls (14.5) 11th Ziar Ellis (14.9)

400M Run 2nd Chyna Bacon (1:03.34) 3rd Benai Everett (1:06.11)

800M Run 2nd Kayla Youngblood (2:42.70) 5th Shanya Washington (2:53.88) 6th Hannah Boggan (2:55.02) 7th Ayanna Moody (2:56.40) 10th Kelsey Davis (2:59.96)

200M Dash 1st Arviniece McDonald (26.59) 2nd Tyteyannah Bailey (27.30)

100M Hurdles 1st Jordan Williams (17.91) 4th MaKayla Thomas (19.39)

4 X 100M Relay

2nd Ware #1(Tyteyannah Bailey, Mataea Boyd, Demya Gibson, Arviniece McDonald (50.04)

5th Ware #2 (Benai Everett, Latreona Holmes, Jordan Williams, Makayla Thomas (54.04)

6th Ware #3 (Dyonne McClain, Rahneisha Stewart, Geniya Rawls, Paris Brinson) (55.81)

 4X400M Relay

2nd  Ware #1(Chyna Bacon, Demya Gibson, Kayla Youngblood, Shanya Washington) (4.36.78)

3rd  Ware #2 (Benai Everett Ernareeyah Harris, Valencia Baker, Kelsey Davis) (4:46.22)

5th  Ware #3 (Latreona Holmes Hannah Boggan, Paris Brinson, Makayla Thomas) (4:51.34)


Scored Points for the Boys

Gators – 140

Glynn Academy – 120

Pierce County – 60

Bacon County – 35

Brantley County – 34

These are our best finishers for the Gators.

Discuss 1st Jordan Howell (128'5) 4th Sharod Cobb (112'8) 3rd (120'108th Donovan Stephens (102'10)  10th Stephen Sharpe) (91'3)

Shot Put 1st Sharod Cobb (44'10) 3rd Jaylnn Strickland (43'2) 5th Dequan Williams (40'7) 6th Logan Braucht (40'2) 10th Donovan Stephens (34'0)           

Long Jump – 8th Kevin Weatherspoon (17'7) 9th Kevon McKelvin (17'7) 10th Corey Cross (14'3)


Triple Jump 1st Charles Jones (38'7)


High Jump 1st Charles Jones (6-2) 3rd Shaquan Bellamy (6-0)


Pole Vault – 1st Austin Sweat (9-10) 4th Hudson Spurlock (8-0)


3200M 1st Logan Millard (10.57.23) 2nd Ethan Frye (11:40.22)

1600M 1st Matthew Hamilton (4:58.83) 3rd Logan Millard (5:14.20) 5th Bruce Altman (5:28.56) 

9th Julian Morfin (5:435.76)


100M Dash 1st Raja Bradley (11.14) 4th Dominick Chatman (11.28) 6th Jordan Turner (11.68) 11th Tyreq Purcell (14.37)

400M Run 2nd Shaquan Bellamy (57.07) 3rd Sharod Cobb (54.33) 5th Chris Jones (55.10)

800M Run 1st Matthew Hamilton (2:11.65) 3rd Julian Morfin (2:21.63) 6th Bruce Altman (2:29.20)

9th Tyler Ronan (2:32.07) 9th

200M Dash 1st Alyx Sayles (22.38) 9th Tyreq Purcell (25.31)


110M Hurdles 5th Hudson Spurlock (16.27) 8th Kevon McKelvin (19.44)

300M Hurdles 2nd Hudson Spurlock (42.42) 5th Sharod Cobb (42.62) 9th Kevon McKelvin (51.55)

4 X 100M Relay

3rd Ware #1 (Dominick Chatman, Hudson Spurlock, Alyx Sayles, Raja Bradley) (44.49)    

6th Ware #2 (Ladedric Castlelanos, Tyriq Purcell, Jordan Turner, Corey Cross) (45.97)

4X400 Relay – Did not have times






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