Gators Sweep Opening Track Meet

Gators Sweep Opening Track Meet

Yesterday, the Gators and Lady Gators opened their season with a bang. The Gators/Lady Gators hosted the Buccaneers of McIntosh County Academy and the Trojans of Coffee County High. All teams performed well, but it would be both teams from Ware County to dominate in points to take 1st in boys' and girls' division.  All the kids performed well, with several of the kids finishing in the top 6 places for scoring. "We were very pleased with the performance of all our kids on yesterday," said Head Coaches Alesia Gibson and Brandon Andrews. "Hopefully, we can continue that success, as we will travel over to Tifton on Saturday, to compete in the 8th Annual Andy Sumners Invitational." The Lady Gators were crowned champions last year and will set out to defend their title.

Scored Points for the Girls

Lady Gators – 177 pts

Coffee County – 66

McIntosh County – 54

These are our best finishers for the Lady Gators.

Discuss 1st Travesha Birden (95'10) 3rd Waynesha Coleman (77'10) 4th Chasity Jones (67'4) 5th  Dyonne McClain (62'4)

Shot Put 1st Travesha Birden (35'7) 2nd Waynesha Coleman (33') 3rd Chasity Jones (30'7) 4th Dyonne McClain (30'6)

Long Jump – 1st Tyteyannah Bailey (16-6) 2nd Mataea Boyd (15-8½) 6th Demya Gibson (14-8¾)

Triple Jump 4th Aubrey Taylor (30-5½) 5th Latreona Holmes (29-7)

High Jump 1st Destinee Boyd (4-6) 2nd Aubrey Taylor (4-6) 4th Hannah Boggan (4-4)

Pole Vault – 1st Hanna Boggan (6-6)

3200M 1st Aaliyah Sandiford (15.50.42) 2nd Anne Lin (16.26.86) 3rd Mia Sandiford (16.34.89)

1600M 2nd Ermareeyah Harris (6:33.53) 3rd Valencia Baker (6:39.70) 5th Kattie Windham (7:02.11)

7th Ayanna Moody (7:39.48) 8th Heather Spivey (7:40.38)

100M DASH 2nd Arviniece McDonald (12.74) 5th Mataea Boyd (12.95) 6th Demya Gibson (12.98) 9th Ziar Ellis (14.51) 10th Geniya Rawls (15.91) 

400M Run 1st Shanya Washington (1:04.55) 2nd Kayla Youngblood (1:07.22)

800M Run 2nd Shanya Washington (2:48.61) 3rd Kayla Youngblood (2:49.77) 4th Kelsey Davis (3:06.85)

200M Dash 1st Arviniece McDonald (26.63) 3rd Tyteyannah Bailey (28.00) 6th Mataea Boyd (29.18) 7th Rahneisha Stewart (30.47)

100M Hurdles 1st MaKayla Thomas (19.00) 2nd Destinee Boyd (19.07) 4th Jordan Williams (21.18)

300M Hurdles 2nd Destinee Boyd 53.15)

4 X 100M Relay

1st Ware #1(Tyteyannah Bailey, Mataea Boyd, Demya Gibson, Arviniece McDonald    (50.39)

4th Ware #2 (Benai Everett, Latreona Holmes, Jordan Williams, Makayla Thomas (54.16)

5th Ware #3 (Dyonne McClain, Rahneisha Stewart, Aubrey Taylor, Paris Brinson) (54.26)

4X400M Relay

1st Ware #1(Ermareeyah Harris, Demya Gibson, Kayla Youngblood, Shanya Washington) (4.36.89)

2nd Ware #2 (Valencia Baker, Benai Everett, Latreona Holmes, Kelsey Davis) (4:39.07)

3rd Ware #3 (Hannah Boggan, Aubrey Taylor, Makayla Thomas, Dyonne McClain) (4:46.13)

6th Ware #4 (Mia Sandiford, Aaliyah Sandiford, Kattie Windham, Heather Spivey) 5:27.51)


Scored Points for the Boys

Gators – 155 pts

Coffee County – 96

McIntosh County – 76


Discuss 1st Jordan Howell (136'6) 2nd Sharod Cobb (117'4) 7th Jalyenn Strickland (100'10) 8th Stephen Sharpe (99'6)

Shot Put 3rd Sharod Cobb (43'9) 5th Dequan Williams (38'3) 7th Donovan Stephens (36'5) 9th Raja Bradley (35'9)

Long Jump – 2nd John Jones (18.8½)

Triple Jump 3rd Fred Carson (35- 0)

High Jump 1st John Jones (5-1) 3rd Shaquan Bellamy (5-0)

Pole Vault – 1st Hudson Spurlock (8-0) 2nd Austin Sweat (7-6) tied with Tyler Ronan (7-6) 4th Kooper Thomas (7-0)

3200M 1st Logan Millard (11.38.22) 3rd Ethan Frye (11.54.84) 7th Tyler Ronan (13:01.15)

1600M 1st Matthew Hamilton (5:09.10) 3rd Logan Millard (5:21.70) 4th Bruce Altman (5:36.28)

5th Ethan Frye (5:37.90)

100M Dash 2nd Alyx Sayles (10.71) 6th Dominick Chatman (11.24) 7th John Jones (11.28) 11th Tyreq Purcell (12.31)

400M Run 2nd Shaquan Bellamy (54.58) 3rd Tre Cobb (55.61) 7th John Jones (56.04)

800M Run 1st Matthew Hamilton (2:13.78) 3rd Julian Morfin (2:28.66) 7th Jamiree McCloud (2:47.86)

200M Dash 2nd Alyx Sayles (22.76) 5th John Jones (23.64) 6th Dominick Chatman (23.71) 11th Tyreq Purcell (25.75)

110M Hurdles 1st Hudson Spurlock (17.15) Kevon McKelvin (19.19)

300M Hurdles 1st Hudson Spurlock (42.92) 2nd Sharod Cobb (43.65) 5th Kevon McKelvin (48.48)

4 X 100M Relay

2nd Ware #1(43.45)

5th Ware #2 (46.52)

4X400M Relay

1st Ware #1 (3:44.64)

4th Ware #2 (3:52.65)

5th Ware #3 (3:53.09)


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